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Hua Lim Chemical Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company integrating research, manufacture and trade. Working side by side with Nanjing University and Southeast University, Hua Lim mainly focuses on developing the market of additives for macromolecular polymer. In February of 2001, Hua Lim was authorized as a member of Plastics Additives Industry Association of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, and was titled “Non-governmental Hi-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu”. Our company always aims to satisfy the demand of its customers with high quality services and honesty.

We also work together with foreign companies and have developed Benzophenone ultraviolet absorbent series such as UV-531 and UV-9, and Benzotriazole series such as UV-P, UV-326, UV-327, UV-328 and UV-329/5411. Presently, our ultraviolet absorbent serial products have been well-received by both American, European markets as well as domestic market. At the same time, we have also developed many varieties of light stabilizing agents, antioxidants and other products to meet the needs of our customers. Those products include light stabilizing agent 622, 770 as well as 944 and antioxidant 1010, 1076, 168 and DLTP. They are widely used in the macromolecular polymer materials industries like plastics industry, wood plastic composite industry, rubber industry, fiber industry, resins industry and coatings industry etc.

Our company logo "Adobe Systems " and “华立明”, which are popular and they carry a good name at home and abroad. Keeping our mind open and being innovative, Hua Lim is striving to offer you good-quality products and to perfect the after-sales services at a reasonable price.

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